The World Changing Impact of a Joyful and Consecrated Heart


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Sarah Haynes


What is joy? Is a consistently joyful attitude attainable only for people who naturally have bubbly, happy personalities? In this powerful session, Sarah challenges young ladies to choose and share joy because it springs from a knowledge of WHO God is – and is not based on outward circumstances. She shares how this can look practically despite the daily bumps of life, and how to eliminate things that may be hindering true joy in our life. A joyful spirit is possible and mandatory for any child of God, and its impact on the world is inestimable. This message is sure to bless and convict you in your desire to be a more joyful daughter!

Includes closing conference message by Sarah Bryant, and a closing song.

Speakers: Sarah Haynes, closing by Sarah Bryant

Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes

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