Our Challenge: Looking Unto Jesus and Pressing Toward The Mark


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by Elisha Wahlquist and Sarah Bryant


What kind of legacy do we want to pass on to our children? The decisions that we make today will affect more than just our own lives; they will impact the culture around us as well as future generations. God’s will for us as joyful daughters is laid out in His Word. However, daily we face difficulties along the way. What should our response to these hardships be? How can we press on without growing weary in this Christian race? Our hope for pressing on is found in the Scriptures, and Sarah’s session closes with five exhortations for daughters desiring to live to the fullest for God’s glory.

In the first half of this session, Elisha Wahlquist explains our generation’s current crisis and issues our challenge. In the closing portion, Sarah offers hope and encouragement for daughters facing this crucial battle and journey.

Speakers: Elisha Ann Wahlquist and Sarah Bryant

Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes