Equipped for the Journey (Panel of Daughters)


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Panel of Daughters


This panel will give you a peak into the lives of different daughters who are striving to apply God’s Word to their lives. It looks slightly different from family to family, so it is encouraging to hear practical thoughts from different journeys. How do they encourage little brothers as they grow up? What do they do when spending time with the Lord feels more like a chore than a sweet time of fellowship? How do their moms encourage close relationships among their siblings? What about the big college question? You’ll also hear thoughts from older adult daughters living at home and from two engaged daughters whose parents were involved in their growing relationships. A very helpful session for a daughter of any age!

Panelists: Jessica & Kathryn Neely, Rebekah Parish, Rosanna Bauman, Tiffany Schlichter, Elisha Wahlquist, Katie Ward, Ruth Wissmann

Moderator: Megan Craig

Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes

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