Constantly Abiding: Cultivating the Grace of Contentment


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by Ruth Wissmann and Elisha Wahlquist, closing thoughts by Katie Ward


Contentment is the result of a abiding in and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ. In her very encouraging message, Ruth shares some things the Lord has taught her over the past ten years in the area of contentment. We can allow our current season in life to either draw us closer to the Lord, or as an excuse to be discontent and bitter. When we truly abide in the Lord and embrace His will for our life, we can truly be content in any season of life.

In the second portion of this session, Elisha (newly engaged) looks back over her years as a single young lady and talks about how damaging wrong thoughts, expectations and actions to ourselves and others. She encourages girls to purity and to trust God with their future.

Speakers: Ruth Wissmann and Elisha Ann Wahlquist, closing thoughts by Katie Ward

Running Time: Approximately 60 minutes

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