6 Keys to Unlocking the Blessings of Strong Family Relationships


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by Tiffany Schlichter and Rebekah Parish


Our families are a gift from God to be cherished. As we walk through life with those who know us best, we need God’s grace to build strong relationships that will last a lifetime. In this session, Tiffany and Rebekah share six important keys that will help you as a daughter and sister. Do you prefer your parents and siblings above yourself? When conflict occurs, do you respond humbly? Are you a faithful prayer warrior? And what should be your response when a sibling is not walking rightly? This message will encourage you to sow good seeds in your family relationships, as you yourself walk in the grace of God.

Speakers: Tiffany Schlichter and Rebekah Parish, closing thoughts by Sarah Bryant

Running Time: Approximately 55 minutes